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The Basalt Story

The Basalt Story

With gin, as in life, there are things you can control and things you can’t. Making gin is a blend of art and science, a balance of the rational and the emotive. Without a genuine sense of place or heritage, all the technical expertise in the world doesn’t matter. While a gin built purely on history or mythology will only take you so far without a genuine understanding of the science of the making.

Our genuine heritage is tens of millions of years old. We don’t count our history in generations of people, but in the Epochs it took to form layers of basalt rock, violently forged from the molten core of the earth.

On the north coast of Northern Ireland lies the iconic Giant’s Causeway. It’s this 60- million-year-old miracle of geology that helps filter and purify the water we draw from our own 600ft well. Once we have the purest water possible, we use state-of-the-art distilling equipment to create a gin with an impossibly complex taste and detailed flavour profile.

This ingenious equipment – made from stainless steel, not the traditional copper – also allows us to exactly replicate the liquid every single time we distil – a level of accuracy unheard of among craft gin distillers. And when we say ‘replicate’ we mean identical – to our own exacting standards.

At Basalt, we respect the things we can’t control, while going above and beyond anyone else to harness the power of the things we can.

Discover Basalt Volcanic Rock Gin today.

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