Molecular Level Accuracy.

Botanicals are structured from a complex range of flavour compounds, with each of these bringing a different flavour element to the table. 

At Basalt, every botanical has been carefully selected to ensure that these compounds complement each other in our complex, three dimensional flavour profile.

Our Strength.

Alcohol is key to transferring flavour into Basalt Volcanic Rock Gin. Different flavour compounds are transferred at different strengths, with a higher percentage allowing greater transfer of flavour into the liquid. 

After extensive testing, an alcohol percentage of 50.1% was found achieve the perfect balance.

Precision Distilled.

State-of-the-art distilling technology ensures that we can replicate Basalt Volcanic Rock Gin every single time we distil. 

Temperature, pressure and vapour speeds are just some of the distilling elements that have to be precisely controlled when creating a unique, complex, three dimensional premium gin. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment is made from stainless steel as oppose to the traditional copper. Stainless steel is chemically inert and will last up to 40 years unlike copper distilleries that can need to be replaced after 15 years. 

 Stainless steel stills also don’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning like copper stills do, which makes for a much more sustainable option.

Cutting & Resting.

After this premium gin has been meticulously created, it is left to rest for five weeks. This allows all the flavour compounds to come together and mellow, producing a perfectly balanced gin that’s ready to fill our iconic hexagonal bottles.