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Our stills are more energy efficient than traditional copper stills, meaning that we use a lot less energy than a typical distillery. By using stainless steel, we do not need to use harsh chemicals or solutions at high temperatures to clean our equipment in comparison to copper.


Stainless steel also lasts a lot longer than copper, meaning that we will not need to purchase more valuable, finite metal. Our stills also use electricity for power and do not require steam heating, further reducing our carbon footprint.


We are partnered with DPD to provide green delivery solutions. Our packaging will be provided by Comet Packaging, an eco-friendly cardboard packaging solution. Our glass bottles are manufactured from super-flint glass that is made from 60% recycled glass and will be 100% recycled by 2025. 



With the Basalt Distillery located within a stone throw of the Giants Causeway and other natural phenomena's that stretch across north coast of Northern Ireland, we aim to only enhance this beautiful landscape and help protect it's future. 

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